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13th-Mar-2014 11:09 pm - JJBA
talk to me about jojo's bizarre adventure :|
15th-Feb-2014 11:02 pm(no subject)
I recently finished jjba and have come to realize that i seriously overestimated the amount of translated or even nontranslated R18 doujinshi ;o;
20th-Jan-2014 10:12 am(no subject)

16th-Jan-2014 02:24 pm(no subject)
Hello livejournal ;o; i have cramps
17th-Dec-2013 08:43 pm - I just came back to New York
Now I won't be able to leave my house in Florida because it's so hot in comparison :')
9th-Dec-2013 03:15 pm(no subject)
Half a month ain't bad...it's been awhile since i've even logged into my desktop! I stole my desktop's mouse to play minecraft on my laptop and then kind of left my desktop in the dust ;o; sorry bb
22nd-Nov-2013 05:32 am(no subject)
Hey wow i'm back on here within less than two years, posting again! Huzzah
18th-Nov-2013 09:53 pm - nonchalant
spamming? no no i'm just super active right now haha it's not suspicious (°◇°;)
18th-Nov-2013 09:51 pm - being active
how obvious is the spam tactic in trying to fill up one's livejournal ( ・◇・)?
18th-Nov-2013 09:36 pm(no subject)
managing accounts on multiple social networks is more difficult than it seems ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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